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My research and writing centre on questions of urban governance and public policy in Canada and North America, with a particular focus on intergovernmental relations. Who governs our cities and city-regions? And how?

To answer these questions, I have developed broad expertise in local government, regional and metropolitan governance, and federalism, as well as many interrelated fields of urban policy, such as land-use planning, housing, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and climate change.

“Urban policy making necessarily involves all levels of government."

— Eidelman (2020), Reimagining the Canadian Federation through an Urban Lens

My academic research has been published in numerous respected journals, such as Cities, Urban Affairs Review, the Journal of Urban Affairs, the Journal of Urban History, Review of Policy Research, Politics & Policy, and the Canadian Journal of Political Science, as well as several academic presses. For my work, I received the Vincent Lemieux Prize by the Canadian Political Science Association, and the Clarence Stone Scholar and Norton Long Young Scholar awards from the American Political Science Association.


I also write policy reports for leading think tanks and institutes in the field of urban policy and Canadian governance. I am co-editor of the "Who Does What" report series published by the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, and co-lead the Metropolitan Mindset initiative based out of the University of Toronto's School of Cities. Recently, I also authored Reimagining the Canadian Federation through an Urban Lens for the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation and the Institute for Research on Public Policy, and co-authored The Case for a Canadian Urban Policy Observatory for the Canadian Urban Institute.


Click below for more information about some of my current collaborative research and writing projects.

Toronto from space (Chris Hadfield)_edited.jpg

Research and advocacy initiative about the future of metropolitan governance in Canada.

Who Does What project image

Paper series examining the role municipalities should play in key areas of urban policy.

Canadian Municipal Barometer.jpg

Annual survey of mayors & councillors in more than 400 municipalities across Canada.

Selected Publications

For a complete list of research publications, visit my Google Scholar page.

Journal Articles
  • Eidelman, Gabriel, and Martin Horak. 2018. “Federalism and Transportation Infrastructure: The U.S. Experience.” In Canada: The State of the Federation 2015: Canadian Federalism and Infrastructure, eds. John R. Allan, David L.A. Gordon, Kyle Hanniman, and André Juneau. Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

  • Eidelman, Gabriel, Martin Horak, and Richard Stren. 2017. “Toronto: Metropolitan Transformation and the Governance of Sustainability.” In Steering the Metropolis: Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Urban Development, eds. David Gómez-Álvarez, Robin Rajack, Eduardo López-Moreno and Gabriel Lanfranchi, pp. 332-340. Washington, DC: Inter-American Development Bank.

  • Eidelman, Gabriel. 2011. “Who’s in Charge? Jurisdictional Gridlock and the Genesis of Waterfront Toronto.” In Reshaping Toronto’s Waterfront, eds. Gene Desfor and Jennefer Laidley, pp. 263-286. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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