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I am an experienced public speaker, frequently invited to present my research to a variety of public and private audiences. I also regularly provide expert commentary, insight, and analysis to various media outlets on current events related to cities and urban policy.

My work has been profiled in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post, and I've appeared in news coverage by the New York Times, The Canadian Press, CBC News, and Maclean's magazine.


In addition to presenting at numerous academic conferences, I have given many talks and participated in panels organized by government, civil society, and research organizations, including: the City of Toronto; Infrastructure Canada; the Mowat Centre; AMCTO; the Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy; the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance; and the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies.

Selected Talks, Interviews, and Appearances

Invited Talks and Public Lectures
  • Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, “Strong(er) Mayors: What Difference Will They Make?,” Toronto, 2022

  • Parliamentary Internship Programme, "Municipal Politics," Online, 2022

  • Infrastructure Canada, “Reimagining the Canadian Federation through an Urban Lens,” Online, 2021

  • Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, “Provincial-Municipal Relations in Ontario: The State of Entanglement Today,” Toronto, 2019

  • City of Toronto Special Committee on Governance, “Summary Findings of the City Hall Task Force,“ Toronto, 2019

  • AMCTO Leaders Forum, “Is the Current Legislative Environment Making it Challenging to Govern Effectively?,” Toronto, 2019

  • Confederation of Tomorrow 2.0 Conference, “Cities, Communities and Policymaking,” Toronto, 2017

  • Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, “Building a Better Budget Process in Toronto,” Toronto, 2017

  • State of the Federation Conference, “Transportation Infrastructure: The U.S. Experience,” Kingston ON, 2015

  • Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy, “What’s the Story, Mr. Tory? A Post-mortem Analysis of Toronto’s 2014 Municipal Election,” Waterloo ON, 2014

  • Brock University, “Cities in the Federation,” St. Catharines ON, 2014

  • Western University, “When Public Assets Become Public Liabilities: The Curious Case of Toronto’s Waterfront,” London ON, 2013

Interviews and Appearances
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